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3 Vital Benefits Of Cucumber – The World’s Healthiest Foods

Cucumber is a super food and the benefits it aids to our health are unlimited. This vegetable is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, which elevate our health and beauty. This vegetable contains lots of water, which makes it essential ingredient of salad in scorching summers, however, one should have it throughout the year. It’s lite in calorie and high on benefits for which one should include it in their meals. Apart from eating this crunchy and mild sweet vegetable, you can even apply it’s paste, juice or slice. Below I’m sharing some interesting benefits of cucumber and method to exert it.


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Brings Glow To Your Skin:
This efficacious vegetable lite, which sufficient to resolve many skin related problems. It consists various essential vitamins, minerals and most importantly it consists 95% of water, which enhance its cooling properties, and endows you a natural toner for your skin. It sways away the oil from your skin and reduces the pigmentation as well. It juice does wonders on your skin by cleansing it naturally, reducing the blemishes and leaving behind soft and moisturized skin.

Method: To make a cucumber face wash, either take out it’s juice or if running short of time, just churn it in your mixer and apply that paste on your face for about 30 mins and rinse it with cold water, however in winters use lukewarm water to clean it off. The result will be a softer and cleaner face.


Hydrates Skin:
As we discussed earlier it contains lots water, which aids a lot to hydrate the skin. It can instantly bring glow to your dull and tired face. It can hydrate your skin well when added a complementing ingredient such as curd in it. This will proficiently hydrate your skin and leaving it soft and subtle.

Method: To make a hydrating face pack, you’ll need to mix cucumber paste with yoghurt and blend them well and apply it on your face and then rinse it off after 30 mins. Both the ingredients have natural soothing properties, which work cogently to hydrate your skin.


cucumber health benefits

Photo Credit:: OnkelMichel @pixabay

Reduces Aging Process:
It works effectively on collagen and repairs the fine line and wrinkles. Timely and regular use of cucumber can even reverse the aging process. It’s possible due to the presence of potassium and magnesium abets a lot preserve your youth and charm.

Method: To make an anti-aging mask, you’ll need 1 egg white, 1tbsp cucumber juice and few drops of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply it, it can be bit difficult to bare it’s smell, however, leave it for at least 15 mins and then wash your face thoroughly and apply lite perfumed moisturiser to avoid any smell.

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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