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The two actresses of upcoming movie ‘Krrish 3’, Kangna Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra are getting into a cold war by commenting on each other obliquely. The makers of the film are in a predicament as both the leading actresses are getting into a messy war.

The war lines were clearly noticeable when both the actresses denied to share the same stage during the promotions of the film. As, Priyanka was recently spotted accompanying Hrithik Roshan for the promotion of “Krrish 3″ in London and Kangana had attended the film’s music launch.

The difference between them came much more in a glimpse when Priyanka Chopra patently claimed “In this film I am the heroine of the film. Her character is also very interesting. In one film there can be various characters.” In contrast Kangna confute  by saying, “If you are talking about a second heroine role, then it sounds very disappointing. It makes me feel that I have done nothing good to deserve something good in life.”

Furthermore, according to sources Priyanka and Kangna were about to appear in Salman Khan’s reality show as celebrity guest, but now they will appear separately in different episodes.

The heat of enmity is fuming up between the two, but it would be exciting to see who’s performance will dominate the screen and the hearts of people.

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