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Couples Corner: Dealing With “Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong” In a Relationship

In a marriage, “who’s right and who’s wrong?” is a very common situation that often takes place when the couples have two different frames of mind – one being practical and the other emotional. Now the question is how does a very logical person deal successfully with their spouse who makes each & every verdict on an emotional basis?

I personally believe that both partners in the discussion should realise a little more about the conceptions of ‘emotional and logical’ personality types, so that they can both match up better. Whenever it comes to a relationship, mutual aid, in my opinion, is more important than proving who’s right & who’s wrong.

Sometimes in a marriage, there are circumstances when one partner’s emotional choices have lifelong consequences for the more “practical” one, and this is where it goes beyond merely a case of mind-your-own-business. As with nearly all relationship issues, straightforward manner and honesty become the only solutions. Two people in a relationship actually require discussing about the way their lives fit collectively, and how they can make their life less complicated for each other.

Now, when you are so much caring about someone that you decide to get tied in wedlock, their happiness is something that truly matters to you. Right? But every so often people fail to remember that how their actions distress their spouse’s happiness. And here an open discussion is the only thing that can help couples to be more cautious about how their verdicts influence the person they are in love with.

Dear readers, we’re trying hard to make relationships work in a better way. But we can’t achieve it without you! If this write-up helps you better yourself or your marriage, then by sharing it with others you can change their life too!

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