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E-commerce :: The Gen X Genie – From being a Buffoon to Dominion

Past ten years, people have mocked at e-commerce and its success but later it took a U-turn and then there was no looking back. Initially, people were reluctant to explore it and had serious doubts about its efficacy but when they gradually opened up with its mind boggling features and attributes, more and more business came in to explore it. And now the gen X genie has intrinsically transformed the trail of business at every imaginable level.

Whether it’s an SME or a giant company, e-commerce has affected all of them. Everybody is utilizing this genie, even people from two tier and three tier cities are embracing it. All one need is a unique and efficacious idea and this genie can earn you hefty profits. New startup people with an initial capital of just 500 INR have sailed a long way which inspires many other people to hop in. This has made India world’s youngest startup nation.

Photo Credit: J D Hanckok Flickr ID 83346641@N00

Photo Credit: J D Hancock Flickr ID 83346641@N00

However, this genie has not only bloomed people who are doing business but has also sufficed immensely to the consumers who have utilized it. People from all walks of life are coming to this genie. One just need to search and click and the products are delivered at their doorstep. This genie has something for everyone, young or the people from old age are indulging it to their daily routine. Now instead, of wasting a long day in market, people just search the product in their online store and click on the buy tab and that’s it and product will reach to their doorstep in the determined time period. We discussed about this genie with few people who accepted and made it part of their life, and one of the most interesting answer was of Mr. Arjun Maurya, who recently shifted to Delhi, working in a travel company and is staying with his friends, shared his experience with us. He said, “online shopping is a big saviour for me. I recently came to Delhi and have to buy so many household particulars and even some formal clothes. And due to immediate joining I didn’t get much time to buy those, so I ordered my clothes from Myntra and households from Amazon. Within two days, I got the delivery of my products. I was so amazed, I didn’t take a holiday for shopping, no expense for good to be delivered. It was a totally win-win situation for me. And the clothes which didn’t fit me well, I returned them and that amount was credited in my bank account. I have a hectic schedule and I really get exhausted after my 10 am – 7 pm job, so I prefer only and only online shopping I get everything there and now, I even shop my groceries online and utilise the saved time for my refreshment. Online shopping is my friend indeed.”

There is no doubt that e-commerce has benefited us majorly, whether it’s about delivering product or service or to do banking online. E-commerce has taken us an edge above with plethora of advancements and allowed us to perform tasks at our convenience.

Mira is a budding columnist and blogger who has turned her interest of designing and creativity into an entire career. Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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