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Flaunt Your Nails This Season : Nail Art

Do you like your nails hot, hip and sassy? Razzle dazzle this autumn winter with sizzling bright hues and electric neons. The most stylish look of the holiday season: elegant nail art. Of course you’ll see this season’s reds and greens, as well a fair share of sparkle (to match your glittery makeup)



Black and Gold: Dress up your digits with the most high class color combination of all time. The mix of stripes, polka dots, and full on glitter is just right.

Christmas Glitter Nails
: This might be the ultimate Christmas Day mani. A shimmering white base coat is the perfect canvas for falling flecks of red and green glitter.



Jasmine Manicure With Gemstone Accents: If you haven’t given 3D nail art a try, the holidays are the time to give it a shot! We recommend starting out with something simple and chic, like these dreamy Jasmine nails from …love Maegan. We love the modern holiday color palette of hot pink and green.

Red and Gold
: We’re obsessed with this simple holiday mani. Glitter polish and a geometric design? We know what look we’ll be rocking at our office Christmas party! (via Wonder Forest)



Buffalo Plaid Nails: Plaid nails? Sign us up! The thick Buffalo plaid style is fit for everyday wear.

nailart19 Green and Gold
: Here’s another amazing mani that pairs gold with one of the staple colors of the season. Take a risk with a slightly lighter shade of green to accent those fabulous metallic half moons.


Blue and Silver
: This wintry combo of royal blue and silver is not only a great look for Christmas, but a festive way to ring in the new year! We love how the silver accents don’t overpower the vibrant base coat, which would even be a head-turner on its own.


Pretty Snowflake Nails
: Hands down: this is the prettiest snowflake nail art we’ve ever seen. The teal coat creates such a fresh winter wonderland vibe, and each design is as precise as it is playful.

Pewter Nails
: Go goth this Christmas with this deep pewter polish color—it’s a great neutral shade to pair with a gold party dress! Amp it up with a central stripe of silver glitter.


Candy Cane Nails: Here’s the secret to getting this chic candy cane mani: add varying sizes of red and white stripes to each nail. The resulting look is playful and modern.


Faux Diamond Tipped Nails: We’re nuts about this wintry take on a classic French mani. While the glittery accent looks stunning on a pitch black base, it would also work wonders on a navy or emerald polish.


Colorful Christmas Lights
: This is hands down our favorite Christmas lights inspired mani out there. Bright dots of red, green, and yellow pop on white branches to set a very merry scene.


Christmas Sweater Inspired
: How cute are these Christmas sweater-inspired nails? The iridescent shine of the silver base coat gives these digits an elegant edge, though you could always keep it casual with a red base coat and white designs.


Love Decal Nails
: Does this picture look familiar? We just featured this look in our glitter makeup roundup, but had to bring it back to showcase Keiko Lynn’s darling party nails. Adding decals is one of the easiest ways to instantly dress us your mani.


Navy Fireworks
: Countdown to midnight with this explosive mani. It’s a foolproof way to go out with a bang!)


Glitter, Metallic, and Matte
: Why choose between a glitter, metallic, or matte mani when you can wear all three at the same time? Adding rhinestones and a high gloss top coat help to bring the look together.


New Year Mani
: This might be our favorite New Year’s Eve nail art design ever. With silver tips, a single blue chevron pattern, and an unexpected pink base, this mani is near perfection—and totally off the charts when you add the date to your digits!


Blue Caviar Nails
: Caviar nails were one of this year’s fast-fading style trends, yet it seems so appropriate to bring it back for the holiday nail art game. We love how the tiny embellishments look in moderation, like topping off just the ring finger.


Gift Nail Art
: Remember what we just said about moderation? That rule applies to super seasonal nail art as well, like this adorable gift wrap design. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make!


Stained Glass Design
: We’re swooning over this more abstract holiday colored design that looks like stained glass. Be sure to divide each gem toned segment with glitter polish to mimic the sparkle from sunshine.


Christmas Tree Nail Art
: Man, this blogger has elegant nail art down to a tee! Or should we say down to a tree? ‘Cause this Christmas tree nail art is, once again, the chicest we’ve seen. The addition of pearl ornaments and a hot pink tree topper get major style points.

The Holiday French
: Here’s another clever twist on a French mani that’s inspired by the one and only Santa hat. Our favorite detail has to be the thin silver strip that perfectly divides the white from the red.


Fresh Snow
: These might be the chicest nails in this entire roundup. A combo of shimmering pearl polish and glittery silver tips make these nails look freshly snow kissed. Stunning!


Wrapping Paper Nails
: We’re going ga-ga over these intricate gold and emerald nails. The design looks like Art Deco wrapping paper, and it’s nothing less than luxe.


Glitter Strips
: If you’re planning to par-tay on New Year’s Eve, you might want to give this electric polish a try! Kind of a glitter-confetti hybrid, these purple and pink strips scream fun times.

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  1. Arti Sharma

    December 20, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    What a collection, really inspiring
    But how to get it, pls guide me or put some tutorials as well Mira

  2. Ektabanga

    December 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    wat a collection of nail art….really like it.

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Urban Mira is a sagacious and with her witty writing, beautiful photography and snippets, be it homeware or travel, her adventures will keep you going for more

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