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Book Review :: Mrs Funnybones – An Endearing Piece Of Art You Can Relate With Writer

mrs-funnybones-twinkle-khannaMrs Funnybones: An Endearing Piece Of Art You Can Relate With
Writer: Twinkle Khanna


Generally, we have seen things written about film stars but have rarely seen a film star writing something. A former actress, wife of Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar, an interior designer and now a writer, we’d correct ourselves an amazing writer Twinkle Khanna recently released her book, ‘Mrs Funnybones ‘. Twinkle had written many blogs and columns for renowned brands, but this would be her debut as a book writer.

This book is certainly going to make you laugh out loud and there are many reasons for which it’s readers are going love this book. Firstly, it’s well-written and endearing, it enraptures you and sails you into its own world. Secondly, the casual way of writing which facilely evolves readers in it, where it inscribe the human preoccupation with their belongings whether it’s our family, our profession or our appearance. It is the voyage of belong and yet apart in order to uphold the actual us, this is the main crux of the book. A thought firmly grows in the cognizance of a young girl who propagates in the world of marriages and finding ties her noon in a sea faced apartment with a gelastic husband which is emulated by their child, unorganized and unpremeditated household helps, combative neighbours, predominant yet scatty neighbours, exigent business associates and other all-encompassing tension and sweat created by self, basically it abides everything which makes our life and Mrs Funnybones too.

Surprisingly, the entire piece was written without noting the beloved and her superstar husband’s name. Leaving that apart, at some part we did find Mrs Funnybones to avert to filthy (ref diaper) which could be facilely plugged out from this fine piece. This is the book with which you can relate yourself, your ado, your happiness in a pleasant and over-indulging way. If, like me, you have amour to read then you can not give it a miss. This is a real, well-written and endearing piece of art which keeps a hold on you throughout.

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