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Reasons Why you should Pack your Bags for a Solo Trip

Asking around for a travel buddy? Sick of the usual family Vacations? Want to explore the world but life keeps getting in the way? A lot of us have faced these scenarios. Everybody wants to explore the unexplored but something or the other comes in the way. Why not just pack the bags and go for a solo trip? Taking a solo trip can change your life in ways that you would have never imagined. Scroll below to find out why you should take a solo trip asap.

Independent Spirit

You venture out to a new place all alone. You travel alone, you explore alone, you reserve a hotel alone. Every successful and failed decision will be yours. You will be responsible for a good or a bad trip. What else can make you as independent as a solo trip. You become completely independent and can survive anywhere.


You are your own company for the entire trip. You will learn things about yourself. You will listen to what your soul says. Bonding with your inner self is important and a solo trip will make sure you do that. You will be surprised to know  brand new things about yourself.

Your Choice

Going on family vacations, school/college trips or packaged trips implies that you will have to wake up at a particular time, eat at a particular time and go to a particular place all according to the schedules. You will have to move in the group. You can’t just take a while and stop at one place. A lot of times you might have to compromise on your own preference. That doesn’t happen when you are on your own.

Great Stories and Lessons

Going on a vacation all alone, you will have great stories and lessons to treasure for life. There will be so many experiences and so many new people that you will encounter. When you are alone, you are bound to stop and talk to strangers more. You might make friends with someone for life. The stories that you will come back with will be special to you, even after 10 years.


When you are on a solo trip, you tend to explore the place a little more. You will walk more and see the unexplored nooks and corners. There are chances that you will find the best eatery in a small town on your solo exploration.

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